legacy / biography videos

You've led an interesting life, but have your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren heard your life story?

Our personalized, professionally produced, Netflix-quality mini-documentaries allow people to leave lasting, personalized legacies, and to give their loved ones the pleasure of having them around forever.

a short clip from one of our biography/legacy/life story videos

Our Process

  1. Initial meeting with you to discuss the stories you'd like to tell and to review photos or videos you want to include in the video
  2. Working with you, we'll create a list of questions to help prompt certain stories or aspects of those stories during the on-camera interview
  3. Schedule and shoot the video interview – our crew consists of two people - a director and a cameraman
  4. Editing - we cut together your video interview with your photos and videos
  5. The finished video is posted to a private page on our site for you to review and request changes
  6. Final video is delivered via digital means for you to post on YouTube (FYI, a YouTube video can be private, viewable only by people with a link and/or a password)
  7. Final video can also be delivered on DVD for an additional charge

The Interview

Typically, the interview (where you talk about your life) is conducted at your home or a location of your choosing.

We pride ourselves in creating a relaxed atmosphere during the shoot and strive to not "intimidate" you by bringing in a lot of equipment and crew. The crew consists of two people, a director, and a cameraman/woman. The equipment consists of one or two lights and two cameras on tripods.

The goal is to keep things light and conversational and to just be yourself. Think of it as telling an interested friend or loved-one about different times in your life.

Customize Your Video

You can customize your video with the following add-ons:

  • Additional footage (a.k.a. "b-roll") of you participating in an activity– playing tennis or pickleball, gardening, cooking, meeting with friends each morning for coffee, etc.
  • Video interviews with other family members, friends, and/or colleagues to add another perspective to your story


Packages start at only $3,500.

For details and to discuss your biography video, please contact us now!