82 West Helps Deliver on Client’s ‘Intern Takeover’ Creative Concept

The Tervis interns took over corporate headquarters on April Fool’s Day as part of a creative marketing concept developed by Tervis and executed with the help of 82 West.

A portion of the concept incorporated the Tervis interns posting videos and social media updates providing customers with lighthearted, mock status reports throughout the day. The interns even held the company’s executive management “hostage” in an attention-grabbing effort that helped increase engagement and brand exposure.

“This was an incredibly fun concept,” said Tervis Creative Director Todd Lohrenz. “The interns really embraced the idea and did a terrific job. The quality and creativity of the 82 West team impressed us, and they worked under a very tight deadline. As a result, our April Fool’s Day marketing efforts were a huge success.”

Facebook fans responded positively to the “Intern Takeover”, with numerous comments and “liking” the various status updates. In addition, sales revenue for Tervis increased that day.

As part of “Intern Take Over,” 82 West filmed a series of brief video clips depicting the interns announcing various “executive decisions” they had made—including unveiling fake new products (a Tervis Hot Tub) and discount pricing. After the interns assumed control by using doughnuts to lure the company’s leadership team into a locked meeting room, they immediately took to Facebook and Twitter to update followers. The executives later responded via web video from their confines.

82 West worked quickly by producing the videos in less than two weeks. The marketing firm collaborated closely with both the Tervis marketing and executive teams, bringing a series of ideas to fruition and making for an entertaining and ongoing storyline throughout the day.

“We were very pleased with the way the effort turned out, and it was fun for everyone involved,” said Craig Worsham of 82 West. “It was great making this happen with the team at Tervis, including many people with whom we hadn’t worked in the past. We’re proud of the creativity our team brought to this concept.”

Tervis produces a wide range of insulated drinkware and accessories, including mugs, tumblers, water bottles, shaker tops, straws, travel lids, and more. Users may access the April Fool’s Day videos at http://www.youtube.com/tervistumblerco For more information about Tervis visit www.tervis.com

Deriving its name from the global coordinates of its offices at the HuB in downtown Sarasota (82.546º W longitude, 27.333º N latitude) on the Gulf Coast of Florida, 82 West has more than 20 years of experience in advertising, marketing and film and video production.

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