Tervis Artist Series launches today!

Tervis Tumbler Co., maker of those incredibly addictive insulated cups and glasses you and all your friends use daily, decided to let their customers know that the artwork you see on each tumbler isn’t just clip art. Tervis employs a handful of in-house graphic designers who spend their day coming up with cute designs, as well as several artists out in the world who license the use of their artwork to Tervis.

They asked us to create a few artist profile videos. The first three launched today, along with a contest for a free trip to Florida (details here at Tervis.com)

We flew to Chicago to interview artist Molly Z and to Charlotte to interview artist Caroline Simas. Both women create beautiful pieces in their own unique style. The third video profiles Tyler Lederer, one of Tervis’ own in-house illustrators, shot at Tervis world headquarters in Venice, FL.

Take a look at the videos and tell us what you think. Then, of course, you should buy some tumblers.

Molly Z



Guy Harvey



Caroline Simas


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