Video in Email Doubles CTR for Ragan Communications

Ragan Communications and Marketing Sherpa recently released a case study that looked at the effectiveness of their video email marketing campaign which had an interesting data point in it, the fact that the video emails had double the clickthrough rate as two other types of marketing emails they were sending.

Now, taking a single data point and extrapolating it to anything can leave massive room for inaccuracies, misinformation, etc. So while reading this, I want you to remember that this is just a single data point and therefore cannot be extrapolated out to make any kind of broad generalized statements about video email marketing, your business or anyone’s business aside from Ragan Communications. However, by informing everyone of this case study perhaps we can start to assemble a series of data points about video email marketing and then start compiling and analyzing for a broader snapshot of the industry. So study your cases and send me the results and I’ll do the compiling and analyzing.

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Written by Christophor Rick

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